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About us

Who are we

Driven by a passion for the beautiful wine-growing landscapes of France, Wines and Brand offers exceptional wines tailored to the consumption trends. Our vineyards (350 hectares) are spread in the South of France.

We ensure the proper development of the vineyards all year round thanks to sophisticated cultivation practices designed to increase grape concentration. We combine tradition with latest innovations, in constant pursuit of quality. Our aim is to create expressive and vibrant wines with elegant labels to seduce consumers.

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Signature Chef

Wines signed by french leading Michelin starred chefs

The Signature Chef collection represents the excellence of the South of France. It is truly an unique french wine and culinary experience by the chefs Michel Sarran, Jérôme Nutile and Gilles Goujon.

vin Jérôme Nutile - Signature chef
vin Gilles Goujon - Signature chef

Our craft

Wines&Brands produce wine and offer successful brands in more than 20 countries.


Medal winning rosé wine by James Martin

The rosé wine signed by Chef James Martin was awarded a silver medal by IWSC and a bronze medal by IWC. Since 1969, the mission of IWSC is to champion the best wines from around the world and it is one of the most respected global wine communities.

Signature Chef wines by Anna Haugh award winner

Both the red and white wine signed by Chef Anna Haugh were awarded a bronze medal by IWSC. The IWSC is the most respected global wine and spirits community since 1969.

Fabrice Sommier elected president of the main French Sommelier association

The French Sommelier Union (UDSF) has announced the appointment of Fabrice Sommier as president of the association. Fabrice Sommier succeeds Philippe Faure-Brac.

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