Vins Azzaro by Wines and Brands – parfum de vigne !

Wines and Brands has signed a licensing agreement with the luxury perfume brand AZZARO to create premium wines under the prestigious Azzaro label. In September 2021, we are launching a range of Pays d’Oc wines, branded by the famous fashion designer.

Loris Azzaro founded Azzaro in 1967, presenting cheerful and spectacular fashion collections. AZZARO became famous in the seventies with stars like Brigitte Bardot, Romy Schneider and Sophia Loren. All the wines come from plots carefully selected for the quality of the terroir and the age of the vineyards. Harvested by hand, only the very best grapes are selected. A true work of goldsmith, which offers intense aromas. These premium wines are truly the perfect expression of the philosophy of the prestigious brand Azzaro. This launch is also a union between wine and environmental protection. A significant part of sales of these wines will be used to finance operations to protect the environment, through the Institut Loris Azzaro Foundation.

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