Rares Terroirs // 2016 Prestige

N°1 Costières de Nîmes Organic Red Wine

Rares Terroirs is a collection of wines from the Languedoc Roussillon region.
The wines from Costières de Nîmes owe their rich, energetic character to the diversity of the Rhône Valley soils and the climatology found at the crossroads between Provence and the Languedoc.

All the selected terroirs have a history and their own specific characteristics that are ideal for the crafting of fine wines. All are premium, high-quality wines, whose unusual aromas set them apart and which have been selected to offer consumers an alternative drinking experience.

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AOP Costières de Nîmes 2016


Grenache – Carignan


13 % Vol.


The wines are planted in gently sloping, well-drained hillsides on the Costières de Nîmes outcrop. The soils are composed of pebbles consisting of silica, limestone, flint and sandstone in order to deal with the increasingly hot vintages, the vineyards are not ploughed to encourage the growth of vegetation in the soil including rye, radish, vetch and even clover (biodynamic growing). The climate in this region is warm, dry and sunny.


Contains sulfites


Up to 5 years.


10 000 bottles



The harvests are carried out by hand. In the cellars, the winemaker prefers short maceration periods to ensure a delicate style of wine. The methods used adhere to biodynamic principles and no chemical substances are used.

The terroir is enhanced by ageing the wines in barrels, half-muids and tuns. The wood allows for gentle oxygenation of the wines in order to hone their style.
Nature is left to work its magic as much as possible, from the vineyards right through to the cellars during 8 months.


Tasting notes

The wine is dressed in a beautiful plum color with pink highlights.

A fruity and sweet nose.

Full of structure with soft and velvety tannins, vigor and especially a nice fruit.

Best served at 16ºC.



For our vintage Nº1, we found the excellence we are looking for, our winemaker contrasts with the opulent, demonstrative, even massive style of most costières-de-nîmes. The terroir is of a southern style, concentrated and woody with a lot of breeding.

Their philosophy is continuous improvement, research and personal involvement; they stick to human values, the value of the terroir and that of an exceptional wine.

Wine tasting

Food pairing

It goes perfectly with grilled meat, apple pudding, sweet Cantal cheese or ratatouille.

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