The guide Gilbert and Gaillard is established in 22 countries. The guide is also known for the Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge, an international wine competition organized in Hong Kong, which awards medals to wines from all over the world. Today they highlight our Signature Chef wine collection.

We have always been mindful to help develop our amazing wine region by promoting it internationally. To achieve this we created a ‘Signature Chef’ range in conjunction with world-class chefs such as Jérôme Nutile, Michel Sarran, Gilles Goujon, Paul Pairet, James Martin et Kevin Dundon.
Our aim with the chefs is to align the grape varieties with their personality and cuisine. The strategy broke new ground in 2019, when we started blending hand-crafted wines, in the same way that the chef would assemble a recipe. The ‘signature’ wines are exported to more than 15 countries, securing international exposure for both the Chefs and our wine region.

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