All from the « Occitanie » region in the South of France, the wines of “Clé de la Passion” collection honor this beautiful region and its past.

Occitanie region, the largest vineyard of France with more than 2600 years of winemaking has been producing great wines due to the Greeks and the Romans, who historically tamed these soils. Discovering this rich and intense region through the « Clé de la Passion » wines is an ideal way to understand, what is most precious, its terroirs and its men and women.
This collection surely is a tribute to the historical Occitanie region.

All the vintages include everything that makes the strength of our vines: Our soil rich in minerals and the Mediterranean climate.

All the wines are a tribute to the know-how of the South of France. It is also a discovery of our secrets and our passion for wine. Behind the label, you will find the 6 main keys and secrets of quality winemaking. In a way, we share with you our secret recipes of both an elegant and gourmet wine.

An invitation to discover the excellence of the South of France.

Bouteille Syrah, Grenache, Merlot

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