Duc Haumont


The brand name DUC HAUMONT COLLECTION was created to relate the brand to French history and French luxury. The alliance of the name to the Collection in the period of Louis XVI, allows us to offer a true story telling.

Duc Haumont lived from 1640 to 1715 in France. At that time Languedoc and Roussillon were old provinces of France with historical and cultural importance.

He was the child of the union of two powerful families of Europe.

The Duchess of Haumont was an educated lady very attentive to her son’s up-bringing.

Duc Haumont quickly discovered a passion for music and painting.

He practised different sports mastering equestry

Collection Duc Haumont - Cuvée Naissance
Collection Duc Haumont - Cuvée Constance

J Young Duc Haumont was courageous, bold and open minded. This encouraged him to travel and discover various cultures.

During his stay in the South of France, he was especially impressed by «passerillage» or raisin wine, widely used at the time in order to bring more quality into the wines.

His travels and experiences allowed him to write popular tales.

He became a popular renaissance writter of his time.

Collection Duc Haumont - Cuvée Gloire

Duc Haumont

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