What a crazy idea

When we created the Finally! brand, we wanted to break away from the stereotypical French codes adopted by all the other French wines sold on the international markets.

Imagine that… a French wine with an English name!

But apart from the quirky name, Finally! also aspires to revolutionize the way in which consumers select a wine in store. No more confused consumers not knowing what bottle of wine to choose for their dinner or an evening with friends. With Finally!, it’s written on the bottle.


Every occasion is the right occasion

Often quirky, sometimes droll, all the Finally! labels guide consumers in their purchasing decision.  Whether it’s for a romantic dinner, drinks with friends, or an evening out with the girls … the Finally! wine labels make choosing the right wine easy.


The first collectible bottles

By offering a selection of different labels within the same range, we wanted to diversify the offer in the wine section and allow consumers to choose their wine according to their taste or mood, or simply because it makes them laugh…


Merchandising Catalog

Wines & Brands, in its search for innovation and development of these products around the world, has specifically designed a catalog of sales support according to 3 axes:

  • TASTE: Wines & Brands offers equipment for daily use or for specific events such as tastings.
  • COMMUNICATE: Wines & Brands suggest POS highlighting material for instore activation of your customers’ off premises or in-premises.
  • CARRY & WEAR: Wines & Brands suggest clothes and accessories for daily use or for specific events.


The cuvees


Fun, Creatif and Premium

Just because the packaging raises a smile doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop once the wine is in the glass. The Finally! wines have all been selected for their deliciously fresh and highly drinkable character. With none of the usual stuffy wine communication, our wines are simply intended to delight the palate.

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