A vibrant wine collection full of French expressions

The incredibly popular and expressive French bouledogues invite you to discover a fruity wine with fine, silky tannins.
A collection, which features these cute and funny dogs.

French Bulldog
French Bulldog
French Bulldog

The vineyards are located less than 30 kilometers from the Mediterranean sea in the Corbières region. The Corbières dominate on the surface all the vineyards of the south-east. In this environment where scrubland and limestone reliefs alternate, the wines are exposed to a particular climate. It has a semi-continental climate which is ideal for growing vines. This is a plot selection, which offers a great complexity. After vinification, the wine is oaked in barrels during one year. The proportion of new wood varies from 30 to 35% depending on the type of vintage.

French BD chardonnay
French BD rosé
French BD Grenache
French Bouledogue chiots

French Bouledogue

A French icon in all its states

At once arrogant, stubborn, festive, elegant and cute, the French Bouledogue offers a wide collection of gourmet wines for a real pleasure !

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