Simply Pure

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At Wines & Brands, we are committed to the terroir. We are therefore delighted to bring you “Simply Pure”, organic wines that represent the Languedoc in all its natural diversity.

Not only are these wines organic, but our commitment towards sustainable agriculture goes way over environmentally-friendly packaging (which our labels are made from recycled paper, untreated cardboard, glass fully and endlessly recyclable reinjected into the manufacturing cycle).

We also lowered the carbon footprint thanks to the proximity of the production and distribution sites.

Simply Pure

The whole land and nothing but the land

The Simply Pure wines reflect the estate in which the vines grow.  The grapes are subject to a maritime influence which brings in humid sea winds in August. As a result, the grapes ripen in particularly good conditions and this, in turn, creates wines of exceptional maturity.

These wines are a perfect portrayal of the Languedoc and its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. What’s more, having organic certification allows us to create wines which encapsulate the pure essence of the terroir, which will delight wine lovers.

Simply Pure

The cuvees

Simply Pure

Good-quality, accessible organic wines

Each Simply Pure wine is intended to make organic wines approachable to all. With its judicious price positioning and a commitment to offering a quality product, Simply Pure is also a very accessible brand.
Available in red, white and rosé.

To find out more about ordering Simply Pure vintages, contact us directly on the website using the contact form or by email at contact[@]

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