As a creator of wines

Wines&Brands offers the best of France

Driven by a life-long passion for the beautiful wine-growing landscapes of France, Wines and Brand offers exceptional wines. Our wine yards (150 hectares) are spread in the South of France. Wines and Brands commitment to sustainable agriculture has been recognized with Organic production, environmentally-friendly packaging (labels made from recycled paper, untreated cardboard and corks of low environmental impact), and a low carbon footprint thanks to the proximity of the production and distribution sites. The organic approach is the logical outcome of a process of environmental protection, appreciation of the capacity of the terroir and the development of a very typical product.


Alchemy between terroirs, winemakers and creative team.

Simultaneously, our creative and marketing teams create a relevant brand vision in order to appeal to the target markets.


Marketing support

Wines&Brands offers an exclusive partnership and an efficient marketing support. Various elements are available such as : Events, Sales training, Merchandising, Videos, Samples, Product and packaging innovation, Graphic support for publicity… The idea is simple : Offer you the best to develop your market share in your country.

Our address

1121, Route de Nîmes, 30220 Aigues Mortes, FRANCE

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