Two universes, one culture!

The National Opera Orchester in Montpellier Occitanie and the winery Wines and Brands are now partners.

From our shared passions, those of creation and high standards, an idea was born: That of offering a collection where wine meets culture. Therefore, Rares Terroirs is now co-branded with the National Opera in Montpellier and Wines and Brands is the sole supplier of wine for the Opera.

The first cultural institution in Montpellier and one of the main ones in France, the National Opéra Orchester is also an essential institution in the French cultural world. Montpellier has two operas. The first, the current Opera Comédie, was inaugurated in 1888. It is the work of Joseph-Marie Cassien Bernard, a student of Charles Garnier, author of the Palais-Garnier, former Opera National of Paris. The second, the Opéra Berlioz, is part of the Corum-Palais des Congrès designed by Claude Vasconi and inaugurated in the fall of 1990.

The numbered collection of Rares Terroirs wines is a gastronomic experience in the heart of the most beautiful terroirs in Occitanie. These wines, classified in the premium category, were created from the best grapes. Accompanying the culture of the National Opéra Orchester of Montpellier, rich and intense, through the wine collection is an ideal way to understand the most precious: The French southern lifestyle and its people !


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