This wine honors the Cistercian monk of the eighteenth century.

Dom Denise

Dom Denise wrote of the earliest manuscript in history about viticulture and oenology. The manuscript was found only 10 years ago. The topicality of Dom Denise’s comments is surprising, he describes the different aspects and stages of wine making. His work remains a reference and allows the creation of exceptional wines.


The winemaking of this premium wine is all done with fully respect of the rules of Dom Denise. Harvested by hand, all clusters are sorted to select only the best. After the winemaking the aging is done in barrels. An exceptional wine, that provides a perfect expression of the terroirs of the south of France.

The vineyards are located less than 30 kilometers from the Mediterranean sea in the Corbières region. The Corbières dominate on the surface all the vineyards of the south-east. In this environment where scrubland and limestone reliefs alternate, the wines are exposed to a particular climate. There is a semi-continental climate ideal for the cultivation of wines and the development of grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon.


This is a plot selection, which offers a great complexity. After vinification, the wine is oaked in barrels during one year. The proportion of new wood varies from 30 to 35% depending on the type of vintage.


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