David Hemmerlé is the head Chef of Grand Cru, a wine minded restaurant in the heart of Moscow which was awarded one Michelin star in October 2021. David Hemmerlé has been head Chef at a number of top fine dining establishments in Moscow, Dubai and Paris, and is the first French Chef to be awarded a Michelin star in Russia. David is a global ambassador for French “art de vivre” and brings the flair and refinement of his homeland’s cuisine to Moscow, cooking with creativity complex techniques and the finest local ingredients.

Crudo de Noix de St Jacques recette David Hemmerlé
David Hemmerlé
Pastillas de Chèvre recette David Hemmerlé

Signature Chef David HEMMERLE

Premium wines

All the vintages come from plots scrupulously selected for the quality of our vineyards in the South of France, near to the city of Pézenas. Here, specific soils, sun, wind and sea humidity create wines with lots of fruit and fine balance. All wines come from 25-30 years old vineyards, and only the best grapes are harvested.

David Hemmerlé blanc
David Hemmerlé rouge
David Hemmerlé

Signature Chef David HEMMERLE

Quality Communication tools

Wines&Brands offers several marketing and communication tools, that both increase brand awareness and sales.

Signature Chef David HEMMERLE

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